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IceN Pen

November 21, 2019

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IceN Pen
Branding | Industrial Design

Contextual Object Design 2 | 2018 | Product Design, Branding
Designed by Geonwoo Kim
"How similar can a man made become a mother-nature's work?" IceN thought of it and started to created a design that has become closest to mother nature's creation. The definition of brand called IceN is a shorten version of “Ice Nation.” The concept for this project is branch that is coated with ice and make it into a pen. IceN’s brand logo is a simple branch because of thought that brand logo should be kept simple as this goes to products and if a complicated logo goes in to product, it will not look as individuals imagined. With the concept included, Core Value is “Not a typical Transparent.” Most of the transparent pens are disposable plastics and is usually thrown away after completed or used once. I wanted to make a high quality transparent pen to make a movements of throwing away after finished matters. I wanted to show that there is still a beauty inside the empty transparent pen. IceN, making the common transparent plastic pen unique and visually makes it stunning. By taking photo of familiar, everyday branches that are around the boulevard, Ice nation could experiment, research and analyze for more details on the ink. Not only that, the pen gives it friendly look because of the examination that had to be done and Ice Nation did not make a fountain pen version. Experience the true beauty of pen. Imagine writing with a branch that has been ice coated. Feel the mother nature, feel the beauty that nature has made.

This brand logo and name kept it minimal as possible yet the pen keeping it a detailed. Months and months of experimenting and designing, IceN is not just common cheap, poor quality transparent pen brand. It is a idiosyncratic style of pen visually makes it extraordinary. IceN wanted to give a unique style of logo typography and putting concepts into the logo. Letter “i’ is made it into IceN’s logo making the letter look unique while following the concept and making the whole balance of the pen. Letter “c” has a style of yingyang. It shows that this pen is made by Mother-Nature and wanted to give the audience a peaceful moment while using the pen. This made a whole balance to IceN. Letter “E, N” kept it simple because if Letter E,N is styled, it would look very messy.

For the package, IceN focused on the concepts and core value for this design. Package is made from a dark wood, and thin layer of glass on top. When looking at top of the view, the logo of IceN if crafted.

Designed by Geonwoo Kim
Hongik University Product Design


Geonwoo Kim


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