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November 05, 2019

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디자인 데이터 시각화

Design Data Visualization

  • * 창의성 : 현존하는 제품 혹은 아이템으로 디자인과 기술의 독특함과 차별성이 탁월한 디자인
  • * 심미성 : 시각적인 판단에 근거한 편리해 보이거나, 좋아 보이는 감성적 측면의 디자인
  • * 사회성 : 사회적 환경과 공공성을 고려한 디자인으로 인간 중심의 사고가 접목된 디자인
  • * 혁신성 : 디자인이 최초의 기술이 적용되었거나, 처음 시도되는 창조적인 혁신적 조형 컨셉
  • * 상품성 : 생산성이 고려된 디자인으로 인식될 수 있는 제품화가 가능한 현실적 디자인
  • * 잠재성 : 현 단계에서의 평가보다 미래 가치에 대한 평가에 주목하는 디자인


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Hongik University Product Design, 2019
Product Hacking_Humidifier

Designed by Kim mun gyeong

It is an electric device that adjusts the humidity of the room by spraying or evaporating water to make steam.
It is mainly used in the office in the winter when the air is dry and prone to respiratory diseases. The opposite
of this is the dehumidifier.

Reference: wall-hanging
Space utilization and aesthetic fun products,
We want to design a product that will increase the utilization of space by hanging on the wall differently from the existing usage, inducing the user's behavior with the visual switch of the line and giving a new experience.

Idea sketch ​​​​​​​
Based on the reference mood, we sketched out the ideas, and took steps to shape, size and proportions.
Humidifier It is a concept of overall design form such as bucket and wall hanging structure, pulling switch.

It is important to use 3D printing to make a humidifier that actually works through the prototype process.
The parts are divided into a board and a water bottle, a filter, a USB terminal, and a case, and are manufactured using sandpaper and spray. The filter was torn in a good way to absorb water.

Mungyeong Kim


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