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"야두트로피" 제1회 제품디자인 아이디어 공모전
YADU Science and Technology Group (YADU)
2020. 04. 16 ~ 2020. 06. 12


"야두트로피" 제1회 제품디자인 아이디어 공모전


Key Words: Intelligence, technology, healthy, extension of individuality, release of self


Air humidifier
Air purifier


Design companies, independent designers, students of design department and design lovers can register for participation.

총 시상규모



Competition time

Solicitation period: April 16 - May 16
Selection period: May 17 - May 31
Publicity period: June 1


All participants can submit the proposals to the official mailbox of YADU: during the solicitation period.
Online participation (online submission of application forms (Word) and design drawings), online awarding


• Works can be submitted in two product categories at the same time, there is no upper limit on the number of works submitted.

• It can be named according to the design concept and creative direction, etc. of the work (for example, an existing product of our company: air purifier - double-sided
chivalrous swordsman)

• The submitted works shall include the overall effect diagram and explanation of creative ideas. It is better to include others such as the detailed effect diagram,
description of basic functions and components, working effect and illustration of different states. Graphics and text can be integrated into one page.

• The registration form for the work shall be filled in and submitted together with the work via email.


Overall design, creativity, function, modeling and realizability

Song Lantao,President of YADU Science and Technology Group
Guo Xiaolu,Executive vice president of YADU Science and Technology Group
Zheng Xijun, President and Chief Designer of GOTH Design of South Korea, a well-known design company
Wang Xiaotian, Director of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Design Industry Alliance
Jiang Youwen, CEO of RCB Industrial Design Co., Ltd.


Online participation (online submission of application forms (Word) and design drawings), online awarding


Matters needing attention
• After the selection of the competition, the intellectual property rights of all the winning entries will be owned by the organizers who enjoy the rights of redesigning the
design scheme of the winning entries, application for patents, transfer, production, exhibition, publication and other forms of publicity in National Intellectual Property
Administration, PRC. No other organization or individual is allowed to publicize, transfer, publish or exhibit the design schemes of the winning works of this competition.
Otherwise, the competition sponsor has the right to investigate legal responsibilities.
• Entries are required to be original and have not been published publicly or have not participated in other competitions. Responsibilities of disputes over intellectual
property rights or copyright, etc. arising from copy and plagiarism of other people’s works, theft of trade secrets shall be shouldered by participants. The competition
sponsor has the right to cancel their entry qualifications and claim the relevant awards.
• Participants are not allowed to transfer or sell their award-winning rights to a third party.
• All submitted entries and related materials will not be returned by the competition sponsor. Please keep the draft.
• If there is any doubt about these rules, the competition sponsor reserves the right of final interpretation. Matters related to this competition not covered will be further
regulated and interpreted by the competition sponsor.


Activity background

From little sizes to boundless imagination, we have witnessed every step forward in science and technology through the evolution and change of little indoor health household appliances.

YADU, a member enterprise of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. under Tsinghua University, is a well-known domestic brand in the field of health household appliances founded in 1987. The first domestic humidifier originated from YADU. It is hoped to connect the present and the future for consumers with the excellent performance and high-quality experience of its products.

Therefore, YADU invites you sincerely to have a brainstorm about the future for our indoor healthy air treatment expert - air humidifier and air purifier.

Appearance design, interactive experience, innovative functions ...

Draw a picture of the future in your mind. 



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